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Think you're helping the homeless when you give a panhandler money?
Though their signs say they're homeless, few panhandlers seem to sleep outside. Most make at least enough for a can of beer, a piece of chicken and a cheap motel room. The typical daily take falls between $60 and $100.

Couch and Saldana say they each collect about $80 a day, more than they would make flipping burgers or stocking shelves. They don't have to punch a clock, ask for a lunch break or pay taxes. "A while back, a woman gave us $400," Couch said. "Tell me where you can make that in a day."
The rimshot?
He insists he's not panhandling. "I'm not asking for nothing. I'm just holding a sign."

So what does he call it? He laughs.

"Making money."
Just so you know where your hard-earned cash is going.

There's a wonderful article on the three urban myths of healthcare reform here. Just go read.

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To be a liberal basically means you believe in individual freedom. And that you accept the responsibilities that this entails.
If that's Liberal, I guess I am one, indeed...

(A tip of the cap to Allen.)

Mitch McConnell on why he'll be voting "NO" on Sotomayor:
This is the real-world effect of the empathy standard. If the judge has it for you, great. But if she has it for the other guy, not so good. That’s why you can call this new standard a lot of things, but you certainly can’t call it justice.

Judge Sotomayor’s record on the Second Circuit is troubling enough. But, as I’ve noted, at least on the Circuit Court, there’s a backstop. Her cases can be reviewed by the Supreme Court. This meant that in the Ricci case, for example, the firefighters whose promotions were unfairly denied could appeal the decision. Fortunately for them, the Supreme Court sided with them over Judge Sotomayor. If, however, Judge Sotomayor were to become a Supreme Court Justice, her rulings would be final. She’d be unencumbered by the obligation of lower court judges to follow precedent. She could act more freely on the kinds of views that animated her troubling and legally incorrect ruling in the Ricci case. That’s not a chance I’m willing to take.
Jog on over to Marathon Pundit and read the whole thing.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds to me as if you are a Libertarian - not Liberal. But here's a good site, no matter what your side: http://www.nolanchart.com/index.php

Can't wait to see you!

Mike said...

I refuse to surrender the term "liberal" to the modern left. I might, maybe, say "classical liberal" to distinguish from "modern liberal." But only through gritted teeth.

In the political sense, the term has always meant (until the late 20th century) one who believes in (individual) liberty. It still means that in Europe; the lefties are "Labor," "Socialist," etc.