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Road Report - Killarney

What an incredibly beautiful country. After two legs of flight and two legs of bus travel, we arrived in Killarney on Sunday in the late afternoon. (And if I ever do this again (and I will), I'll do Chicago to Dublin, stay in Dublin a night, fly Dublin to Kerry, and bus it from Kerry Airport into Killarney.) Too pooped to do much, we had dinner at The Flesk, and headed back to the hotel to sleep.

The Flesk isn't a fancy joint -- in fact, it's owned by an American who returned to his Irish roots and celebrates his American Legion membership in the decor -- but the food was fantastic. I had the Spring lamb chops with a stuffing made with fresh bread crumbs, sweet cream butter and herbs from the garden out back, a wild mushroom and port wine reduction sauce, and herbed mashed potatoes. So good I gnawed every chop down to the bone and contemplated licking my plate clean, to boot.

Tuesday, we did an Irish jaunting car tour of the Killarney National Park and Ross Castle. (Photos when I get to a place where I can get wifi access.) We also managed to hit a wide swath of shops.

Tuesday night, we went to see Natural Gas at the Danny Mann Pub. Absolutely fantastic music, and the Smithwick's went down a treat, too. Here's a sample:

(I've got a couple of videos of my own to upload as soon as I get home!)

Yesterday was mostly travel -- Killarney to Tralee to Dingle. Heartbreakingly gorgeous views as we first went up into the mountains, then down into Dingle Bay.

Gotta run. More tomorrow!


JihadGene said...

Enjoy! Enjoy! ENJOY!!!

Looking forward to the vids!

Maeve said...

I am green with envy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Les - I'm glad that you are enjoying the views, I hear that there's nothing like it!

I wanted to post for you since it's Earth Day, but your invite expired. So I'm wishing that your Ireland green is better than our goin' green America!