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It is well known that my BlogDaddy and I frequently disagree when it comes to politics. Today, he refers to Teabaggers as "a nutcase minority."

And what, exactly, is a "Teabagger"?
[A]n American who still beleives [sic] in the words written in the constitution and is upset with Democrats and Republicans alike for excessive spending, taxing, and overall life regulation. They are also well known as using their brains in a time where it is so unpopular.

Democrat: "Did you see those Obama hating, bigot republican teabaggers on Fox at the tea parties nationwide?"

Republican: "Do you think those teabaggers have figured out we aren't really conservative at all?"

Teabagger: "We hate Republicans and democrats alike for their lies, corruption, excessive spending and taxing, and of course the fact that I can't earn an honest living without pulling their hands out of my pocket."
Let's get this straight. Code Pinkos are nuts. Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Whackjobs are nuts.

Consider this:

While some carried signs about immigration and even one vowing to do away with the Federal Reserve, the message was rather consistent and the tone hostile: they are very upset with the current administration and Congress’ handling of fiscal and economic issues.

But Republicans should not be rejoicing quite yet. Many protesters went out of their way to say they are upset with both parties and hold George W. Bush equally responsible for launching the now never-ending stream of bailouts. And the crowd, if anything, was libertarian in bent rather than conservative. These people are advocating less government, restraints on federal power, and a return to “constitutional government.” Social conservatives who seek expansion of state power on issues from abortion to support for faith-based programs may find themselves at odds with a newly invigorated movement to shrink government and enhance individual liberty.

Teabaggers? You'd have to be a little nuts not to be one.

I'd really love it if someone would whip me up a bumper sticker based on this poster. (Photo gleefully swiped from Rave.)

I'll be hanging some teabags from the rear view mirror on the Omnibus.

Update: Ms. Schakowsky? Coming from you, that's a supreme compliment.

Update 2: Remember this?

Teabaggers one and all.

Holy moly! I seem to be getting hits from all around the globe today. What the heck did I say now?

Update 3: May I just say that crap like this just adds fuel to the Teabaggers' ire?


Anonymous said...

Shame on Kevin!

And also, I found out that I am an extremist - the bleeding heart liberal who just that we should follow the constitution and that government is too big.

Imagine that!

Omnibus Driver said...

Yeah. I figured that'd get you going!

JihadGene said...

Great stuff Leslie!

Kevin said...

As Leslie will tell you, I have no shame, "Anonymous."

The DHS report was ordered when Bush was President. Read the entire thing, compare it to the one on left-wing nutcases that came out a few weeks ago, and you'll see this is much ado about nothing.

I have no problems with protesting against government waste and stupidity. I do have problems with Fox News being the defacto sponsor of the event and spreading lies and misinformation.


Does someone have an cogent, alternative approach to solving the problems we're facing? Let's hear them!

The Howard Beale clip is appropriate- the nonsensical ravings of a pathetic, suicidal psychotic who is cynically exploited because he entertains and distracts the public from true measured discourse about the issues. Glenn Beck should be paying royalties to Paddy Chayefsky's estate.

What really cracks me up about this that those who protested against Bush were unpatriotic anti-Americans. Here we have a governor throwing around the possibility of secession, and the crowd screaming for revolution. And *they're* the "true patriots."

This about sums it up: