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Road Report - Dingle

More on lovely, lovely Dingle (be sure to click on the pix to embiggen):

At the Small Bridge, we heard even more great traditional music, first with Uillean pipes and guitar:

... then with Uillean pipes, banjo and guitar...

(Sorry this is so dark, but that place was like a CAVE inside!)

The green Murphy's (different owners, and more than a bit of rancor make sure you only mistake one for the other once) was our home away from home. Michael is a wonderful host, and our room was lovely.

The colors of many of the buildings practically sear your eyeballs out!

Dingle logic at its best.

One sign you'd never see in Chicago. Gotta love it!

Some of the stone walls had the top course set with stones in their locked and upright position. (That's one way to discourage anyone sitting there!)

Couldn't resist.

I had fantastic local crabmeat at John Benny's. Yum, yum, yum!

These critters were located right behind another local B&B!

More tomorrow...


Mark said...

It's grand! I'm so jealous. Dingle, the town with more pubs than churches. (And houses.)

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful Les!