Leslie's Omnibus

Road Report - Dingle

Just a few quick images from our first day in gorgeous Dingle:

More tomorrow!

Okay, one more thing. Here's a traditional music "session" at O'Flaherty's Bar in Dingle:

Count the instruments, if you can. The guy on the washboard was from Newfoundland, and played the Jew's Harp, as well. True democracy in music.


Maeve said...

I want that sheep! It is sooo cute!
No wait, bring me a hawt Irish man.
No, the sheep!
Oh hell, bring me BOTH!

Barb said...

I want the sweater that'll be made from that sheep's wool! LOL!

JihadGene said...

Isn't there a sheep flu virus?

Northwoods Woman said...

Wow it really is greener there isn't it?!