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Hang on to your dreams. Sometimes they come true later than you'd think:

(And yes, I shed a few tears through this.)

It isn't that she has a magnificent voice -- she does. But what made this performance so extraordinary is her confidence and her presence in front of judges and a live audience, all of whom were prepared to be totally underwhelmed.

There are a zillion great singers across the planet -- but a true performer who is a great singer when completely under the gun? Not so many.

I've got me a new hero.

Remember I told you about the whopping big sink hole that opened up a few blocks from my home?

Well, guess what they found when they started digging around in there? And how cool is that?

(A tip of the cap to my Barstool Blog Son!)

Work kept me from going, but it looks like the Chicago Tax Day Tea Party was a success!

Why did I miss Graumagus so much?
When I argued with other conservatives that the formation of the DHS was a bad idea because the microsecond a socialist administration took power that agency and the power it wields would be used as a political tool against citizens (because socialists, being nothing but communists with commitment issues, always fear internal threats to their power more than external ones to the welfare of the population), I had hoped I was simply paranoid.
Nope. Not paranoid at all. Just prescient.

Welcome back, my frizzen friend.

I am all for anything that sparks a spirit of entrepreneurship in the young. Lexie Oliver, in particular, shows real promise. Drop by her website and buy some of her stuff. It's beautiful, wearable and really reasonably priced!

The crankylitprof, she always makes me laugh. (Major spew alert!)

Since breakfast has turned into my favorite meal of the day...

You Are Buttermilk Pancakes

Your prefer traditional, old fashioned foods.

You shy away from anything fake, and you like meals with simple ingredients.

It's not likely someone would find margarine or diet soda in your kitchen.

Instead, someone might find a loaf of homemade bread baking or a soup simmering.



JihadGene said...

I teared up too! Gotta go blow my nose now!!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely a kleenex moment!