Leslie's Omnibus

The Mom Update

I'm going home tonight to pack a suitcase, and I'll be commuting between the office and my brother's house for the foreseeable future.

The Princess Mom has made her way up to her bedroom on her own steam, but it doesn't look like she'll be coming down on her own again. She's sleeping almost around the clock, and she's hardly eating a thing. She's in that twilight place. We've made sure she's got someone with her all the time (my turn is the night shift), and now we're just trying to make her comfortable.

When we were kids, we made the hikes between Chicago and Cleveland and between Chicago and Boston via the family station wagon. Unlike kids today with their video games and DVD players, we passed the miles by playing "I Spy" and looking for as many different state license plates as we could find and waiving at convoys of Army Reserve troops heading out to weekend maneuvers. And singing, always singing. (Well, Daddy, my sibs and I. TPM couldn't carry a tune in a strongbox.) Here's one that she loved to hear us sing:

Appropriate, I think.


Erica said...

You friends are keeping you and your family in their thoughts.

That song was awesome, BTW...sounds like "I Saw the Light." And the guy playing banjo reminded me of Acidman.

The Meezers said...

you are in our thoughts and prayers. I loved the song.


Maeve said...

You and your family are in my prayers.

Teresa said...

I've been keeping you and your family in my prayers even though haven't had much chance to get around to read. {{{HUGS}}}

H2o said...

I'm sending you a big hug Leslie and I'll be thinking of you.

Northwoods Woman said...


ps. my word verification is efksnod, does anyone else think that's funny?

k said...

I remember those long roads trips, back in the day...Having no video games and such to amuse us, we had to get creative and do it ourselves.

I'm sorry to see that fall by the wayside so often, today. When people just play videogames or put on earphones, they no longer connect with each other.

So I really like this video, where it's still going full steam. Where people are connecting and communicating.