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The Mom Update

We had a lovely visit this weekend. MMPC, her husband, mom and dad came for dinner at my brother's house last night, and the Princess Mom was perky and present for most of it. I think, however, the window for such good visits is shortening greatly.

According to hospice guidelines, it won't be long now:

One to Three Months Prior to Death

  • Withdrawal from world and people [check]
  • Decreased food intake [check]
  • Increased sleep [check, check, check]
  • Going inside self [check]
  • Less communication [check]

One to Two Weeks Prior to Death

  • Disorientation [check -- sporadic, but increasing]
  • Agitation [check -- especially if there's too much noise or activity around her]
  • Talking with Unseen [check, if you count the Heavenly Humane Society]
  • Confusion [check -- not regular, but occasional]
  • Picking at Clothes
  • Physical Changes
    • Decreased blood pressure
    • Pulse increase or decrease
    • Color changes; pale, bluish
    • Increased perspiration
    • Respiration irregularities [check]
    • Congestion [check]
    • Sleeping but responding
    • Complaints of body tired and heavy [check]
    • Not eating, taking little fluids [check -- we could only get breakfast into her yesterday. No telling what she'll do today, but she's mentioned more than once that food has lost its appeal.]
    • Body temperature hot/cold [check -- she's always got to have a blanket and slippers now]
She's told me, my brother and SSIL repeatedly that she's tired and she's ready to die. We gently tell her that we know, and that it's okay. She did tell me that she's afraid to sleep alone at night because she doesn't want to die alone, so now I sleep in with her when I'm there.

She went to church today specifically so that she could take communion. I think she'll be at the Lord's banquet table soon. And you know what? That's okay. She's ready, and we are, too.


pamibe said...

God bless and keep her, and all of you.


Northwoods Woman said...

You'll know for sure when her eyes start to glaze over too. Hugs my friend. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
Love ya!

Maeve said...


Pammy said...

Hugs from here, too.

Oddybobo said...

You are in my thoughts.

Nancy said...

I think she'll never be alone.

Take care of yourself too, Leslie. This has been a hard year for losing those you love.

The Meezers said...

God Bless the Princess Mom. And God Bless you too Leslie. I'm sorry you're going through this.