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Quote of the Day:
And the truth is, America, indeed the modern world, has lost its way. Read research from sociologists if you want. Study academic journals over a pricey Latte. Wax poetic about the masses and their struggles, about the judgmental ‘religionists.’ Seek higher taxes as if money were the balm for all suffering. Tell jokes about drugs and sex; watch some porn, take your daily antidepressant. Relax over a glass of wine and plan ways to make America even more free, more fair, more progressive. But take it from a guy down in the mud, it’s a hurting world; and hurt all the more by social revolutions that led, ultimately, to immeasurable individual disasters; see nowhere more clearly than in the emergency department of your local hospital.
Great, great stuff.

(A tip of the cap to GruntDoc.)

Well, it's about time! It sure would be nice of the Illinois GOP would offer up a better candidate than Alan Keyes, Jim Ryan or the ubiquitous (and obnoxious) Jim Oberweiss for a change.

Non-TV people fall into three categories:

That ain't necessarily so... and I'm proof of that.

Another of the Princess Mom's favorites (and one that I've dedicated to her at karaoke competitions because it reminds me of the love my parents shared):


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LadyGunn said...

I'm with you on the TV thing - most of the stuff on the goon tube isn't worth wasting the time. The main ones I like are canceled, not aired in the US yet or I just download them on iTunes.