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So.... Valentine's Day. Not my favorite holiday, but I hope yours is wonderful.

Why not my favorite holiday?
  • The way I figure it, if you are not in a loving, romantic, generous relationship 364 other days out of the year, one single day can't possibly make up for that lack.
  • It's a manufactured holiday that we've given far too much emphasis.
  • It sets you up for false expectations.
  • It scares the willies out of some people, causing them to break up a relationship that was great in every other way.
  • I'd rather have an unexpected mixed bouquet of flowers any day of the year than red roses on Valentine's Day.
  • Zales. Jared. The Jewelry Exchange.
  • Valentine's junk that ends up in the trash or in the Goodwill pile.
  • Really bad poetry.
  • Forced romance just isn't romantic.
If you're lucky enough to be in a wonderful relationship, I salute you.

If you and I are friends, you already know I love you.

Speaking of diamonds, I agree 100% with Rachel.

Gad. When did I finally rip off the rose-colored glasses?

Not only do I agree with Dr. Helen, I also agree with Kim du Toit.

Finally, I agree with how this condo going non-smoking was handled.

It was by consensus between the residents of the building and it grandfathered in current residents who are smokers.

It wasn't rammed down the throats of the residents by an outside group that had no equity in the building/business.

The Apocalypse really must be upon us.

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Livey said...

happy valentines day gf! Love ya!