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Finally, an aerobic workout even I could do...

(A tip of the cap to Pretty On The Outside.)

Wonderful. Just wonderful. And another 3-6" tomorrow. Blech.

Well, this is really cool and encouraging news. It won't make the greenies happy. But it's still cool news.

If you drive in Chicago, you need to know this:
Last month, the city's Department of Revenue kicked off a $1.5 million program that features 26 roving vans equipped with AutoVu, a camera-based system that officials said allow boot crews to cross-check license plates nine times faster than when they used the old, manual method.

AutoVu is actually much faster than that, according to Alain Cote, executive vice president of Genetec Inc., the Canadian company from which Chicago bought the devices.
Pay your parking tickets, okay?

On the tobacco front, I recently emailed R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company to ask about the chemical content of the new FSC cigarettes. Here's their response:
PID: 000303003

RESTRICTED: This e-mail is intended for the addressee only and should not be forwarded. The following information is being provided to you based on your e-mail to R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.

Thanks for your email letting us know about your concern with our product.

Your state recently passed a law requiring that all cigarettes be fire standard compliant. To meet these standards, we have changed the cigarette paper used in manufacturing our cigarettes.

There are bands at selected intervals on the cigarette paper that are somewhat heavier than the rest of the paper. These bands slow down the burn rate and increase the likelihood that the cigarette will go out when it is lying on the filter paper. Although these cigarettes meet the standards established, they should be handled with the same care and attention as any other cigarette.

We hope this information is helpful and appreciate the opportunity to respond to your concern.

Customer Care Team
Sorry about that forwarding thing, Ann.

While I'm happy that they actually responded, I'm still not convinced it's just the texture of the paper. Anybody else?

Never underestimate the woo-woo cuckoos. It must be something in the water...

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Gregory said...

I know it's not just the paper that is making my lungs hurt.