Leslie's Omnibus


My BlogDaddy caused me an acute case of mental whiplash with this post.

Holy crap!

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse must be heading our direction in one hell of a hurry...


amarkonmywall said...

I think you needed therapy tonight. Too bad. I miss Chicago. The weather here is glorious- sunny always, 70 day/55 night. But still- no snow. I did vote absentee. Ron Paul is fairly popular here in St. Petersburg. I mean not enough to win or anything but still... :-)

Omnibus Driver said...

You are SO lucky to be in Florida right now. I'm so sick of sloppy, mucky, pee-yucky weather I can't stand it.

The reason my BlogDaddy's post was so eye-popping is that he's honest and sincere in the depth and breadth of his BDS.