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That Chaps My Asphalt

Not only have the dickheads down in Springfield enacted a no-smoking law that started in the middle of the coldest part of the year here in the Midwest...

... not only have they added a $.90 pack tax increase onto what are already some of the highest taxed cigarettes in the country for the privilege of being able to smoke at all in the few places left for us...

... now, they've added this fire safe cigarette codswallop, and they've slipped it right under the noses of every smoker in the state.

Why does this upset me?
OK, not only do they cause a cough so harsh that you vomit and your lungs and throat feel like they are bleeding... Fire Safe MY ASS!!!

If you don't suck on the cigarette constantly, for example "taking a sip of coffee" in between smoking my cigarette , it relights and head falls off!!
marlboros new fsc paper bands and chemicals afe truly disgusting. not only is this new chemical and paper giving alot of people moderate to severe headaches, nausea, and sore throats these changes were made without publicity,notice,or justification.
I thought I'd been fighting off a cold or the flu since the first of January... until I talked to a couple of friends and was alerted to this change. It's bad enough that the damned things can give you cancer... but we're talking sinus infections and bronchitis, here, too. Chronic sinus infections and bronchitis. Check the UPC code on your cigarette pack. If it's got the letters "FSC" above the bar code, you're smoking them, too.

Did anyone look into these side effects before putting this law into place? They're really awful, and even though I've cut down from one to two packs a day to a pack every two or three days, I'm still waking up in the middle of the night coughing my head off and yacking up a lung.

Furthermore, it's highly selective, in that only cigarette smokers are affected. What about cigar smokers? Pipe smokers? Hookah smokers?

It's crap. Utter crap.

Statistically there are very, very few fires started by cigarettes any more. Want dangerous? Fill your home with lighted candles. Far more home fires are started by untended candles than untended cigarettes.

As it is we can only smoke in limited places. The state is charging us more in taxes for that privilege. And to thank us for contributing more to the state's bottom line, they're making us sicker and sicker.

Light a candle for us, indeed. We'll need it.

(And I'm probably going to be making a run for the border once a month to buy my smokes anywhere other than in Illinois.)

Speaking of other things that chap my asphalt, PETA is way up there, too. Think about that before you give them one penny of your cash.

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LL said...

Uhhhhhhhhhh, I actually started buying my smokes in Illinois because WI added $1 a pack tax so a carton is a little less than $50. I'll suck harder........

Omnibus Driver said...

As you'll note above, IL just added $.90 per pack, so I don't think we're any bargain. And depending on which county you buy them in, they can cost a hell of a lot more than $50/carton. Frightening, isn't it?

LL said...

I did note that line, but I haven't seen any evidence of it up here. Was it supposed to kick in on Jan 1? Cuz right now, I'm paying the same for my smokes in IL as I was in WI before the 1st and the same price it's always been. And the biggest inconvenience of those fire safe ones is what you said....wait longer than a few seconds and it's out. haha If I'm on the phone in my car (bluetooth, no worries, I'm paying attention) and if I pause in my smoking to talk...yep, gotta relight it. Annoying.

They are trying to mandate them here in WI. They've introduced the legislation. My bigger concern is the smoking in bars thing. Right now, I buy them in IL and smoke them in bars in WI. I'm sooooo not going to bars in IL. Why should I when a beer and cigarette does me fine if I'm trying to relax?? But I've heard that here near the border...the no smoking law in IL is KILLING the bars.

ragingmom said...

I did notice the difference in cigarettes- so far, I've burnt holes in three shirts because the damn end falls off. And I've noticed the cough too- much worse than when I was smoking two packs a day!

ragingmom said...

Leslie, I just posted a link to HB4184. Seems they are reconsidering no smoking for some venues. IF you can be issued a smoking license, of course.

Barrie said...

Finally! I thought that I had a defective carton of cigarettes!

LL said...

Ok, ok, I am reconsidering my position. The ones from IL, the fire safe ones......they DO burn going down, like harsh German smokes. I'm now paying a dollar a pack more for my WI cigarettes. *sigh*