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This just cracked me up today:


Redneck has cloned me. It's a real testament to his manliness, too.

Now if he's REALLY secure in his manliness, maybe we can find out who his ideal TV boyfriend is...


Another, more subtle giggler:


Who do you 'spose this brought to mind? (And if you don't have Moonbeam McQueen on your blogroll already, whatsamatta you?)

Okay. I think I can officially quit bitching about how terrible the weather is here in Chicago. Yikes! (Global warming. Yeah, sure.)

Do you know of a fallen hero from the current Gulf war who came from Illinois? Then you might want to let his or her family know about this cool scholarship set up for their kids. Spread the word!

Want to support the Writers' Strike? Adopt a Writer here. I can think of more than one of my Blown-Eyed, Blown-Starred, Midwesternized and otherwise bloggitty pals who'd do a ripping fine job of an interview!

Don't ask me why, but I want one of each of these. (St. Valentine's day is coming, you know!)

Speaking of St. Valentine's Day gifts... Christine is having a sale here. (I want it ALL, thank you.) My beautiful daughter has posted some cool new stuff here. (Ditto on the wanting it all thing.)

Oh! And I just bought TMBCITW's Valentine's gift here, because this stuff is just so damned cute!

Resistance is futile. Surrender to the Etsy.

Saw this article in today's Suntimes, and figured I'd go to the website to apply for the study. I'll let you know what I hear!


RedNeck said...

Here... you happy now? ;)

Hell, I tried to post the HTML but got weary from f'n with it... It's Gregory House.... Imagine that.

Gregory House:
Your ideal man is highly intelligent and logical. He has a tendency to hold a grudge, even at the cost of a relationship, so be careful. He might seem like a curmudgeon and a cynic, but you love him just like you love a hurty puppy who pees on your couch every day...

... Fairly accurate I reckon. I do like dogs...

Omnibus Driver said...

Dude! You crack me up.