Leslie's Omnibus

Chartered Excursion -- The Blogosphere

I'm off to visit the Princess Mom, and nobody offered to take the keys to the Omnibus for a few days. But -- have no fear -- I won't leave you with nothing to read. Here are a few of my own daily reads. Go visit 'em while I'm gone:

My Most Esteemed Blogdaddy
The Beautiful and Atrocious Jeff
The God of Shoes
The Goddesses of Fashion Snarkage
The Droll and Erudite Pejman
The Spoon Meister
My Favorite Firecracker
Zonker von Thunder and Roses
Tall, Blonde and Lethal
Mouth of the Got-Damn South
The Mixologist with the Mostest
The Scots Smoothie
That Other Omnibus Gal

I could go on and on, but these are some of my all time faves. C'mon. Give 'em a try.


Anonymous said...

... thanks, Leslie.. I'm honored... have a good trip..

JooPita said...

I wrote a very phat, very faux-pas, avant-garde novel fulla dry, sardonic satire: "La Mort Avoisinante: Faite Accompli". Big, boisterous, fulla bravado and ballistic beneLOVEnce. Relentless like gravity, gratuitous like glue. I fire with both barrels and come-out-swinging. Apart from collecting flug from the dryer, check with my mommy... -Sensei KK

Paula said...

That other Omnibus gal says thanks for the link. I don't drive; I observe. Sure do appreciate the ride. Ya'll come back now, y'hear?

zonker said...

Oh sheeeeeeeesh....I'd have asked for the keys but I figured you'd get a good writer who posts regularly. Take care of yourself and your mom.

Key said...

Oh man, what an endorsement! And I totally sucked while you were gone.

Thank you though. And thanks for coming my place to lend support as well.