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I try not to post when I'm in a bad mood or the news of the day is really getting to me. That's why posting has been light the last few days.

I'm sending out prayers to: Mamamontezz for a humane insurance examiner, Kelley for an outstanding job interview and this gal, just because I feel like throwing her a big 'ole hug.

I'm sending out thanks to Trevor for reminding me: 1) what's really important in life; and, 2) to check my badditude at the door. Also to Michele and Steve, for making me laugh so hard. (I really, really needed that.)

Back later, after I stuff the evil twin genie back in its bottle. Sheesh.

One quick thing -- best quote of the day?

When I saw the ad showing Darth Vader face to face with that creepy, plastic-faced Burger King creature, it was official: George Lucas is the biggest merchandising whore in movie history.

"Revenge of the Sith"? How about rearranging the letters on the last word of that title to describe all the "Star Wars" stuff Lucas and Co. are selling.

Richard Roeper rocks.



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Thanks girl!