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Erica has tagged me with an easy meme:

So what does it mean?
I read their blogs because whether they are simply taking care of family or working to make others’ lives better, they do it with grace and dignity despite any roadblocks along the way.”
I'm flattered, truly, but she stole much of my thunder by tagging many of my usual gang of Blown-Eyed and Blown Star bloggers. Guess I'll have to tag some of my "outsider" favorites who manage to embody that sentiment... although I'd say some of them do it with more tenacity and hard-headedness than grace and dignity...

Helen, my BlogMama, Zuleme, Gottagopractice, Shari, Christine, LadyGunn, Meezer Mom Mary, Moody Mama Angie, Barb, Kate, my pal Livey, the Sweetheart of Shell Knob, MO and my wonderful kid.

Y'all knock me out. Really, you do.


The religion of peace. Right.

121,287 People
(A tip of the cap to Becky.)

More meme madness, thanks to Rosie:

“When people say ‘Christmas’ you immediately think…”

Oh, Dear Lord, I'm going to have to do the bosses' Christmas cards again. Arghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Favourite Christmas memory…”

I was always the first one out of bed on Christmas morning, and we learned at an early age that the Princess Mom and Darling Daddy would not even consider getting up until at least 7:30 a.m. I'd creep out of bed and wake my brother and sister, and we'd sneak downstairs. First order of business was opening stockings, which were the only gifts we were allowed to open before PM and DD joined the land of the living. The second order of business was to pull out every present from under the tree and parcel them out so that we were ready when the present-opening marathon began.

Also, the trip downtown to the Greyhound station to pick up the Christmas box from my favorite auntie every year. She was the biggest Christmas Fairy on the planet, and always overdid on the gifts. We couldn't wait to get that box home and open it up!

“Favourite Christmas song/carol…”

O Holy Night

“Favourite Christmas movie…”

Sleepless in Seattle

“Favourite Christmas character…”

Cindy Lou Who

“Favourite Christmas ornament/object…”

Every single one that my mother ever gave me.

“Plans for this Christmas…”

Christmas Day with my brother's family. Also time with MMPC and her (okay, our) family.

“Is Christmas your favourite holiday?”


Okay, I'm not tagging anyone. But if this looks to be somewhere up your alley, have a blast.

The LawDawg, Ambulance Driver and BabsRN have teamed up on another knuckle-biter. (I really do want to meet these folks some day. They're some kind of wonderful.)

is a great idea. Divorce doesn't have to be nearly as adversarial as the legal system can make it.

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