Leslie's Omnibus

The End of the Line

Rosie has lost dear doggie pal Babe.
I told him, “Go on to the Bridge, Baby. Go on and wait for me there. I’ll be coming along before you know it.”

I’m burying him close to the house instead of where the other more active kids are. Babe was nearly deaf and blind and slept very deeply. Sometimes, he’d wake up and I would have left the room. He would track me in the house until he bumped into my feet. Then he’d look up and seemed to be saying, “Oh! There you are. I lost you for a minute there.”

I don’t want him to have to track too far to find me.
If that doesn't choke you up, you have no heart.


Richmond said...

Oh Jeez... Babe was loved.

The tears are always close for me.

Rosie said...

Thanks, Leslie. He's really missed here...he was a funny old boy.