Leslie's Omnibus


I love, love, LOVE to entertain Erica. So who knew that I could find something guaranteed to make her grin through Grand Rounds of all things?

Then I stumbled over this little gem at LOLSECRETZ.com:

Who could resist?

(Certainly not moi.)

Quote of the Day:
Tomorrow, we're going to the raunchy adult emporiums along South Street, to purchase the biggest, blackest, most-accessorized dildo ever to sport a kickstand and require a truck battery.

Must. Meet. This. Woman. She rocks.

I bet this will be good news for RSM.

The Chicago Tribune takes on the local media highlights for 2007. It's not just Chicago politics that ain't pretty.

Update: Via Beth, see the worst of the MSM in 2007, as well.

So what was my Christmas present to myself this year? A new battery, one tire repair and a ride in a tow truck the day after Christmas... because there was no fixing it on Christmas day. Ho, ho, ho.

Big ol' smoocheroos to the Best Brother Evah, who drove one hour in each direction, not once, but twice in one day so I wouldn't miss Christmas with TMBCITW and TMPAE.

Wish me better automotive karma for 2008, will ya?

If this isn't a load of bollocks, I don't know what is.



Erica said...

Dahlink, thank you for thinking of me! But if you expect me to wear that ridiculous gettup at Helen next year, youse can just fuggeddaboudit.

Blessed and merciful automotive karma for you in the New Year.

PS: Did you see the YouTube video I linked to yesterday?

rsm said...

Sweet! I want one of those... but not for around the house. Too messy.