Leslie's Omnibus


I knew I hung with some talented bloggers. Apparently somebody at Carnegie Mellon recognizes at least one of my buddies.

Congrats on making that rarified list, Elisson!


Joan of Argghh! said...

There'll be no living with him, now!

Omnibus Driver said...

Nah. He's as down to earth as they come!

Erica said...

I concur. The guy is an absolute mensch. A mensch, and a ridiculously creative genius. This news does not surprise me.

Elisson said...

In separate news, the academic certification of Carnegie Mellon University was revoked yesterday.

University president Derek Schmegegge explained, "The quality of work coming out of our Engineering department has declined so precipitously, as evidenced by a recent study on Water Impurities and Blogging, that we just said, 'Fuck it - we're outta here.'"