Leslie's Omnibus

Busman's Holiday -- The North Woods

We enjoyed a beautiful sunny day yesterday.

Channel between Minocqua Lake and Lake Tomahawk.

There are still a few maple leaves clinging to trees!

I just loved this funky old church found in Minocqua.

Another shot of that lovely channel.

You won't find shops like this in Chicago!

It's unnerving to have dead critters watching you while you eat and drink.

Simply charming.

More dead critters eyeballing the diners.

Bambi gives salad bar grazers the guilts. The jackalope taunts, as well.

It simply doesn't get any better than this!


Maeve said...

Iam a BITTER witch that I am not where you are. I had so much fun last year in my beloved UP ( 3 hours from where Livey is...2 hours if Caleb had driven ;) )
Iam definitly living in the wrong state.

Livey said...

Maeve, you know you are welcome anytime. I've had 3 bloggers to my house now!