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I got 100% correct. Did you?

I had a delicious linguine carbonara for lunch... except for one thing. It was garnished with minced cilantro. Cilantro??? I could understand some flat-leaf parsely, but cilantro?

Quote of the day:
What possible reason could you have for having that…that…DRESS SPHINCTER right in the middle of your beautiful gown?!
The Fug Girls' take on this dress was funny enough, but Plumcake has had me chortling like a maniac for the last fifteen minutes.

Okay. This is just wrong. What in the hell are we teaching young girls about themselves these days?

More of what's wrong with what we're teaching our kids here, here and here. Sheesh!

I'm glad I grew up back in the Dark Ages. I'd hate to be a kid today.

Is it any wonder that I'm putting this book on my Christmas list?

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Catfish said...

Sounds great. I love food that gives me bad breath.