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The Ambulance Driver is in rare form today:
"They come bearing the Mark of the Beast," I inform him. "A Medicaid card. And several of them were asking for you by name," I accuse.
Fine, fine writing.

Hammer has a pretty good list of American-made products. Here's more information on toys that are made in America and safe for your kids.

While you're at it, go to Etsy for more hand-made products. Deb of Blogblivion and Neatly Tangled fame makes awfully cute baby toys and games for really reasonable prices, for example. See her whole Etsy collection here. Or go to the Etsy main page here and shop for all sorts of cool stuff.

As for foodstuffs, one sure-fire way to know you're buying local is to hit the local farmers market. Or buy organic products whenever you can at the grocery store.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know it's tough to avoid all things manufactured in China. But it's certainly worth the effort to read labels and at least try.

The latest Chinese shenanigans? Go here.

And ask yourself if it's smart business to buy a Lenovo computer. The way things are going, I know I wouldn't.

Yep. They're our allies, all right.

He's right, you know.

How can I tell?

Well... I've gone back to a novel I started some time ago, and I'm making a serious run at finishing what I started. Urk. Distractions abound. This writing stuff is not for wimps.

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Maeve said...

OMG, I almost peed myself over AD's post.