Leslie's Omnibus


Hah! That should make Mr. du Toit do the happy dance.

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Anonymous said...

drive by shootings are not something to play witn or make fun of becouse there is so many people innocent of other people stupet reactions im a sister of 4 boys 1 girl we all live with my parents and i couldnt stand being in a position of someone killing one of my famili membes like in the case of my very close best friend she had 1 little brother of 6 years old and she lived with her parent and one sand evening when her dad took her baby brother out to ride his new bike as soon as the man hit the corner a drive by shooting ocure on th other side of the street people that seen the man and his soon said that he try to cover his soon but the ones in the car came closer and shoot his and his soon 4or 5 times 1 of the boolets hit the babys chest and 2 hit the mans head so the only thing i say is for people to watchout.