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For those who recently dropped me notes of sympathy, really the teeth in, teeth out routine isn't that bad.  What does suck about the whole thing?

So there.

Oh, sure... Fabulous at 50! You have fewer colds, less sensitive teeth and are better at sex

I have less sensitive teeth... because I don't have real ones any more.  The rest, well... that's for me to know and you to find out.

Valentine's Day is coming.  How to you define love?

A survey has revealed than an astonishing 43 per cent of women carry around a pair of sexy pants in their handbags... just in case.

I find that astonishing.  In fact, I've put together a little survey of my own to see just how true that is.  Click here to take survey

"Is my kid entitled?"  If you have to ask, the answer is more than likely YES.  This is one of the most sensible reads for parents that I've seen in a long time.

I did know this -- "Cut flowers prefer a cool, humid environment and should be kept out of bright light and away from heating vents."
Good to know!

I recently spent an evening in the company of a delightful soccer coach from Glasgow, Scotland.  Given that I couldn't understand over a third of what he said (though the accent was delightfully piquant), Siri has my sympathy and this article had me in hysterics.  



JihadGene said...

Happy Valentine's day LOOONG time, Leslie!!! Sorry you're going through all the dental fun but the temps look wonderful! JG

Graumagus said...

Bahahaha I'm so swiping this video :)