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The weather has been simply miserable here in Chicago this month. Here's a little taste of what the storms that have rolled through here already this morning look like:

We've had 9.75" of rain so far in July, blew right by a 122-year record and it seems there's no end in sight. We've had tornadoes, flooding, power outages, damage from downed trees and more.

My Houston buddy Miss Nancy wishes I could send some of that rain her way. Believe me when I say that everyone around these parts (and especially this poor family) wishes they could, too.

When the local communities start offering rebates for generators, you know we've had a very, very rough time of it.

Say a little prayer for those of us in this belt of miserable weather who've been touched by storms (including derechos), floods, tornadoes and death due to the high heat and humidity that just won't go away. Yes, we'll suck it up and rebuild, bail out basements, face mildew abatement and all the rest, because that's just how we roll in the Midwest. But it ain't gonna be fun, and it certainly ain't gonna be easy.

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Anonymous said...

Wow - Generators! You might as well be living in FL.

Miss you and hope to catch up soon,