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Road Trip Eats

This article on favorite road trip snacks... and the recent spate of hot summer weather... got me more than a little nostalgic for the days when the Princess Mom and Darling Daddy loaded up the Ford station wagon and hauled us all to Nana's house in South Harwich, MA for our summer vacation.

So what were the top 10 snacking highlights of our road trips as we lounged in the "way back" of the wagon? (Nope -- no seat belts.)

In the cooler:
  1. The Princess Mom's oven-fried chicken, served cold for a picnic lunch.
  2. Home made potato salad, ditto.
  1. Regal Crown Sours sour cherry candies, purchased from a machine at an Indiana or Ohio tollway oasis -- the best sour candy ever. (And they don't make 'em any more. Wah!)
  2. Kraft Easy Cheese. 'Nuff said.
  3. Ritz Crackers.
  4. An economy-sized box of Cheez-Its.
  5. A big ol' gallon thermos jug of cherry Kool-Aid.
  6. Keebler Pecan Sandies. (A Darling Daddy fave.)
  7. Mother's Iced Oatmeal Cookies. (The Princess Mom loved 'em.)
  8. Ice cream cones from the restaurant at the HoJo hotel we always stayed at in or near Schenectady, NY. (Pistachio for me!)
So what top 10 edibles figured in your childhood road trips?


Alicia said...

what a great entry! all of those food items sound so amazing, especially the cookies :)

we were all about the Twizzlers. Not the black nasty ones...the original ones! We ate those things like they were going out of style. We also enjoyed fun size chocolate bars (like mini Kit Kats) and Cadbury Mini Eggs

Anonymous said...

We'd get sour cream and chive pringles because my mom hated the way they made our breathe smell. Mostly for a long trip, Mom would take us to the popcorn shop in Wheaton for penny candies. It's a tiny shop only as wide as a doorway with a whole wall floor to ceiling with individual candies for sale. It was awesome.