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Just finished my first reading of A Dance With Dragons. It will require me going back, once again, to read from the beginning to the end of the entire series to be sure I get all the nuances of foreshadowing from the previous books that I know I missed on the first read of this book.

Some observations so far:
  • It's better than A Feast For Crows.
  • MORE new characters??? Argh! I could a very large org chart to keep them all straight as it is!
  • Where is Catelyn? Sansa? Rickon? (You'd think that somewhere in the four books following the first Martin would give us some clue as to where the tiny spoiled brat and his angry direwolf might be hidden.)
  • Too much magic. The story line was fine without it.
  • That being said, note to self that Thoros of Myr is (was?) a red priest, too. Hope the same magic in his kiss works for Melisande, as well.
  • Daenerys needs to put on her big girl panties and deal.
  • The bitch may end up bald, but she still has her head. Why?
Yes, I'll eat humble pie. Martin actually delivered on time... and well he should have after all these years.

*Grumbles naughty words under her breath*

More coherent review after I've read the entire cycle again.

(George had better not take so long with the next one!)


El Capitan said...

My copy should show up this week. I expect that my overall productivity will seriously decline for the next 48 hours...

Omnibus Driver said...

I suspect you are correct. It's a big booger, and it took me three days to finish.