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Quick Stops

This headline is showing the paper's bias:
Valparaiso sixth-grader handcuffed over spilled milk
What he's really guilty of is assault on a police officer. Big difference.

Good News/Bad News:

The bad news: I love my Flip, and am very sorry to see Cisco is closing them down. They're tiny, incredibly easy to use and have wonderful sound and picture quality. If you don't have one now, get one before they're gone!

The good news: The price of the Kindle is going down -- way down! I agree with Andy Ihnatko that you'll see them for under $100 soon.

Winter is coming... SOON... and it looks like AGOT will be a hit. I can't wait!

Think the death penalty isn't a deterrent?
"[B]efore he left Canada, the 20-year-old unemployed computer technician took the unusual step of determining that Illinois had no death penalty, prosecutors say."
Think again.


diamond dave said...

Classic example of why I like to research stories before giving opinions on them. Too many start with sensational or outrageous headlines, only upon closer inspection revealing there's much more to the story than what's being told.

Anonymous said...

I like Paper!

Miss you,