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When is an apology not an apology?
"I admit the language was inappropriate, and apologize for any affront to anyone's delicate sensibilities," Lewin wrote.
You tell me.

It might be a better idea to post where you've been, not where you're going, on Facebook and Twitter.
Facebook and Twitter users are increasing the risk of being burgled when they announce their holiday plans online, a study has warned.

Opportunist thieves are able to track down an address from a website posting within 60 seconds, research found.

Make sure you know what your kids are posting before you head off for summer vacation!

You and I may not be invited to the Royal Wedding, but we can eat like the royals and their guests. Here's the recipe for the cake the groom ordered up and, since it's a no-bake, just about anyone can make it.
Apple Inc.'s iPhone and iPad are keeping very close track of where you've been.

Security researchers said they found a file hidden in the operating software of Apple's devices that can contain tens of thousands of records of a user's precise geographical location, each marked with a timestamp.

Those records create a highly detailed history of a user's whereabouts over months or even years.

The data are in an unprotected file embedded in the phone and tablet computer, the researchers said Wednesday, allowing hackers who pick up a lost iPhone or iPad access to the location history with relative ease.

The upside of this is that if you have the same information and your iPhone or iPad is stolen, you (and the police) can easily recover it.

Signs of spectacular parenting?
“I don’t think my son’s guilty. He’s my womb child and I’m going to stand and pray for my seed.”
Esther keeps a stash of documents in a folder on her living room table detailing her son’s run-ins with the law. These include the search warrants police used before searching Sonny’s apartment and car.
“My son is saying he’s innocent,” she said. “The only thing he’s (guilty of) is whore-hopping.”
Charming mother, adorable son.

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