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This must be the lamest defense in all of history:
He also testified he couldn’t have “French kissed” the victim or performed oral sex on her, as she testified, because he can’t stick out his tongue due to a physical abnormality.
Oh, really? That's not what his ex said!
However, his ex-wife, Jacque Rush, testified Hamberg had French kissed and performed oral sex on her when they were married.

“I really want him to get nailed,” Rush said outside the courtroom following her testimony.
I'll just bet she does.

So what's the weather like here? There was snow on my lawn this morning, dammit. (And it was in the 50's yesterday.)

You know I love my Kindle, but if I loved an author's work so much that I'd want him or her to sign it, I'd want a hard copy to sit on my book shelf, I wouldn't want something signed remotely. Sorry, but meeting the author in person is the point.

How come we never do fun stuff like this at my company?


Ear Worm of the Day:

Yes, I ordered the CD. Amanda's got a lovely voice.

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