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Today's Ear Worm:

This, courtesy of my buddy Sascha, manager of this fine Potbelly establishment. Hearing it playing on the radio when I swung by for my favorite breakfast sandwich was a reminder that the Princess Mom used to call my buddy Hank McAndless "Hanky Panky" with great glee.

Memories of a tall, blonde, mustachioed hottie and of a gleeful Princess Mom = One Very Good Day.

One of the things Nancy and I chatted about during her visit here is the possibility of reviving Christina's old 1,000 word story challenges. Rosie has apparently also expressed interest. Since I'm not quite up to a Blog Novella, yet, the idea of 1,000 words based on a trigger sentence or two has a lot of appeal.

Sharpen your pencils, boys and girls. We'll be getting back to you with the details soon.


Happy birthday, Grandpa! 32? That's amazing.


Nancy said...

'Pup and I stopped at one Potbelly's to get something to eat on our way to the hotel.

The breakfast sandwiches are VERY good, as are the other sandwiches.

El Capitan said...

Give me a shout when y'all are ready to start the 1000 word festivities.

Anonymous said...
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