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Last June, militants in the southeastern Afghan city of Ghazni forced a 6-year-old boy to wear an explosives vest and told him to walk up to U.S. soldiers.

After asking Afghan soldiers for help, the boy said he was told that when he pressed the button, flowers would shoot out, officials said at the time.

If that doesn't set your hair on fire, I don't know what will.

I'd call the jihadists who are recruiting this kids fuckers, but that's too good for them.





With eensy peensy penises...

... and tinier balls.

Remember my concern about Google Health?
Back to the question of regulation: HIPAA seems to have left some gaping holes through which Microsoft's HealthVault and Google Health may pass. Those companies say that their privacy policies are more stringent than HIPAA and Google has said recently that serving ads on Google Health is not in the cards. The problem with relying on these statementsis simply that they are voluntary policies adopted by businesses that may change them over time. Other related parts of the health care information economy are similarly untouched by HIPAA.

This raises the perennial issue of the regulator: how do we regulate what is not covered by law?
Chew on that for a while. Nice to see the MSM paying attention to that amid the hype, isn't it.

Speaking of things that set my hair on fire, this did it for me, too. I'm sending a check off today. How about you?

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