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Book Your Ticket

Whoohoo!  I've been waiting YEARS for this to finally come out!  The first three books in this series were absolutely fascinating, and this should prove no less so.  Robert Caro's access to LBJ was unprecedented, and he reveals Johnson with a brutally frank eye. 

Hurry up, May!


diamond dave said...

Sounds like interesting reading. LBJ certainly was an enigmatic personality (though not quite as much as his successor).

Velociman said...

I'd gotten to the point I was writing Caro's publisher. Needed my next LBJ fix. Then I read he was in poor health. Glad this is coming out. Unfortunately, there are 2 volumes to go. But the research is done.

diamond dave said...

Worth looking into. LBJ could've been a great President, but his personality, the Vietnam War, and the overall atmosphere of the 60's really got in his way.

KeesKennis said...

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KeesKennis said...

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Omnibabe said...

She's over on Facebook. I dropped her a line letting her know you're hot on her trail!