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I read this post on dating, and my hair stood on end. By the time I'd gotten through the comments, it had gone up in flames.

Allow me:
My best girl buddy Kelley is single and she loves to share her dating adventures with me. Kelley is a beautiful, independent young woman. She has no trouble getting dates.
She is not a beautiful young woman. She has a shriveled and ugly soul covered in pretty packaging.
Her problem is being asked out on a second date.
And it's no wonder.
Actually, it is not much of a problem to her as she has not been very impressed with the first dates lately. (I think she is content with being single and only goes on dates for entertainment at her date’s expense.)
She is a user, and is taking financial and emotional advantage of what are probably damned fine men (with admittedly lousy taste in women).
Last night Kelley was on a big girl - play dress up - classy restaurant type date. Her date was waiting at the restaurant when she arrived. He graciously pulled out her chair and made sweet attempts to make her feel special.
Clearly he's been reading this blog. Good for him. There's something decidedly attractive about a guy who goes out of his way to act like a gentleman and make a lady feel special.

Unfortunately, this Kelley is no lady.

Kelley threw out some witty conversation starters (that is what she called them, but I am a bit skeptical because she loves to throw out gems that leave a person wondering WTH?)

Kelley said her date began to squirm in his chair so she took off her metaphoric boxing gloves and asked him straight out, “Why are you so nervous? Just be yourself. Most people try too hard and at the end of the night are left standing there with their dick in their hand, so-to-speak.”

See? Classy!
She said the guy turned beet red and asked her to please refrain from being so crass.

And Kelley, being Kelley said… “Sure, but if you want this date to progress in a more positive manner you might want to pull the stick out of your ass.”
Okay. The guy has gone out of his way to pick a nice restaurant, gotten dressed up, shown up on time, gone out of his way to be polite and respectful, and this is how that bitch treats him?

Of course I had to ask her how her date responded to that gem…

Kelley said that she was actually surprised when he got up and left the restaurant. She thought this one might actually have a bit of spunk.

Frankly, I don't know what took him so long. And I hope he stuck her with the tab.
She asked me, “Do you think he is going to call me back for a second date?”
Ummmm -- no? But you could certainly pass him along to me.

The commenters (one of whom is a friend, and in whom I'm sorely disappointed over this), save myself, all seem to think that Kelley's a hero here and they should all be emulating her.

No, no, NO.

Perhaps they prefer a guy who drags them out to a pool hall, treats them like crap and breezes in and out of their lives at will. Who shows them zero respect.

Me, I'll take the classy, respectful guy. And hope he hasn't been turned off real ladies for good because of stupid twits like these.



Anonymous said...

I bet she is a lady, you just can not see it. Cat

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she treats everyone with such courtesy! Sounds like someone needs to read Miss Manners! See you soon, Barrie

JihadGene said...

I think the guy's actions were right on! He had enough of her "circus act" and left. Go to HELLey,Kelley.

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