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Bus Fumes

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Governor Giveaway finally got nailed and the whole world is up in arms. Quite frankly, I'm shocked that the rest of the world is shocked.

The man has displayed incredible hubris over and over again. These latest escapades are nothing more than an escalation of his usual lunacy.

Here are my predictions:

1. He's not going to quit or willingly step aside.

2. He's still trying to figure out how he can get himself on the next presidential ballot... and believes with all his heart he'll do it... and that we'll happily elect him.

3. Obama may get tainted by his dealings with Rezko, but he distanced himself from Blago a long time ago, (and for very good reasons) and will come up clean on this one.

4. This is only the beginning of the indictments.

5. The fastest and most expeditious way to get Governor Giveaway out of office would be to pay the bastard off. He wants $300,000? Give it to him, and good riddance! It will cost the taxpayers one hell of a lot less than it will cost to impeach him or to appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court to remove him from office.

6. The Dems could use a Sarah Palin of their own here in Illinois. By that, I mean the Sarah Palin who took on her own party and cleaned house from the Governor's house on down in Alaska.

7. No pardon for George Ryan now.

8. Durbin sent to grief counseling by Democratic National Party.

9. Emil Jones not named to Obama's seat.

10. Illinois turns a little less blue... a lot more purple.

11. I feel sorry for Blago's kids... and Patty's sister.

But surprised? Nah. Not me.


Anonymous said...

As soon as I heard the news, I thought of you! I'm glad to be rid of him! My sister said why did they elect a dem for govenor - I said because the Republican one is serving 6 years in prison. IL needs to get it's act together. I've been pissed with him during the whole CTA thing.

Feel better.


The Meezers said...

and here I thought our ex-governor was the worst in the US. Boy, hiring a hooker looks tame compared to Blago