Leslie's Omnibus

Tooting the Horn

Hard to believe it, but this thing's been up and (mostly) running for 10 years.  Yay!


pamibe said...

Congratulations! Hope you have many more Blogiversarys!!

Elisson said...

Ten years. Is that all?

(Seriously... congratulations! Here's to the next ten. Us old-school bloggers have to keep it going!)

El Capitan said...

10 years! Bravo!! Let's got for another decade!!

Elvira & Sneakers said...

Concatulations from The Opinionated Pussycat and also the Carnival of the Cats (http://carnival.mindofmog.net/)

Mrs. Who said...

Congratulations! That says something in today's impersonal Newspeak.

WitNit said...

Nice to see some of the old old gang (loosely speaking) still hanging in there.


Mark (WitNit)