Leslie's Omnibus

Busman's Holiday

My pal from the north woods is coming to visit again this weekend.  Here's the list of possibilities I sent him:
Here are some things we haven't tried before:

I'd still like to see "Brave" and/or "Moonrise Kingdom"  http://www.fandango.com/chicago_il_movietimes/ 

Also, I'd see "Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" again - http://www.pickwicktheatre.com/nowplaying.asp

Additionally, in random order:

And we haven't been to Buddy Guy's in quite some time!

And if you still don't find anything that trips your trigger, go here: http://chicago.metromix.com/events
Never let it be said I'm not as flexible as a rhythm gymnast when it comes to entertaining a guest!

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