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I'm all jazzed up because my favorite book of all time...

...has been made into a movie by Ang Lee, and will be released in November!

No trailer available yet, but the official website is gorgeous and this teaser looks awesome:

(Not sure I'm crazy about the casting of Tobey McGuire, though -- but that's just me.)

Apparently there's an app for everything:
The cell phone came in handy again when they used an app that produces a strobe light to help rescue workers locate them.

For those that despair of kids these days, here's some more good news:
If there's a Disney writer looking for a movie idea that'll make kids pump their fists with joy and leave parents teary-eyed, look no further than the real story of a San Clemente Little League team coached this year by kids. 
The team that couldn't find a coach, finally getting permission from the league to bring in two San Clemente High School freshmen to lead it, concluded an improbable season Saturday by winning the District 68 Tournament of Champions in improbable fashion. 
Coaches Chris Puckett, 15, and Cameron Shelley, 14, guided their crew of 12- to 14-year-olds to three straight victories in the tournament at Beebe Park in Mission Viejo, finishing with a 10-9 victory. 
This was a team that at the outset of the season drew smirks from some opponents because of its youthful coaches who look like they could be playing on the field. The team started with skeptical parents and an 0-2 record. But the players took the two teens' baseball tutelage to heart, improving to 6-4 by midseason before going on a 10-2 tear in the second half.
Well done, gentlemen!

Ear Worm of the Day:

(This has been firmly embedded in my noggin since about 8:00 last night, and there is no sign of shaking it any time soon!)

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