Leslie's Omnibus

Chartered Excursion -- Stillman Valley, IL

Still haven't signed up for the January 8th blogmeet?

Okay. Let me -- er, Neo-Neocon -- give you a few good reasons to attend:

The following pre-conference theories of mine seemed generally to be borne out:

1) bloggers can talk; in fact, most bloggers would rather talk than eat

2) bloggers tend to be intense

3) bloggers include a high proportion of night people and/or people who don't sleep all that much

4) most bloggers look like their photos--except me. I actually don't have an apple in from of my face. [Or, in my case, a camera]

Things that were surprises:

1) a higher-than-expected proportion of bloggers are smokers

2) you can't tell who's short and who's tall from a photo....

Further observations:

1) When I say bloggers can talk, I mean talk. We're talking serious talk here. Stamina, breadth, depth, decibel level. Get a group together, and it's not for the faint of heart--if you don't jump in quickly and vigorously, you may never get the floor, because the competition is hot and the topics change at the speed of light as one thought follows another, like group chain-smoking. Those with natural projective qualities of voice have an advantage here; those of us with naturally quieter voices stand in danger of getting hoarse....

I find it an extraordinary experience to meet people backwards: that is, to meet their minds first and their bodies second. You get to know people in a totally different way as, day after day, you read what they are thinking without ever having met them in the flesh.You don't even realize how many preconceptions (and perhaps misconceptions) you are building up until you meet the person him/herself. Sometimes the meeting shatters those preconceptions utterly. Far more often, however, the person you meet is both similar and somewhat different from the one you had expected: younger, older; livelier, shyer; more fidgety, calmer; funnier, more solemn. Then you superimpose the new template on the old and merge the two, and now you know the person in a fuller, rounder sense.

I'm telling you, you'll have a great time.


Anonymous said...

Most people who meet me IRL cannot connect the blogger with the face. Silly, really, my picture is right up there on my website.

Of course, I can't get any other information out of them, becauyse of the screaming and the running, and the restraining orders.

Omnibabe said...

I'm really looking forward to meeting you, and I promise not to run screaming from the room. Okay... maybe screaming with laughter when you let loose with one of your wonderful and colorful rants.

The only restraining order will be the one I place on myself to restrain from giggling aloud when Contagion shows up in his kilt... and Ktreva volunteers information as to what he's really wearing under it.

Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

You know why they call it a kilt, right? because so many got kilt when they called it a dress.

Contagion said...

I don't know, I'm shy. I don't talk very much. T1G on the other hand doesn't shut up. That boy would talk his tongue off.

Omnibabe said...

Shy. Riiiiiight. Just ask your minions?

That 1 Guy said...

Yeah, he really is shy... a few brain cells! But he lost them to a noble cause...

Graumagus said...

You forgot the fact that there will be alcohol and steak.

Those are usually the only two reasons I need to show up somewhere :)